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Re: Sun Java available from non-free

Hi Jeroen,

Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:

> Users requiring the complete functionality of Sun Java will find
> that the Java 5 JRE and JDK can be installed by adding the non-free
> component to their APT configuration. For now, this applies only to
> users of unstable/sid, but will the packages are expected to migrate
> into testing (etch) in the near future. This means that they most likely
> accompany the next release in etch's non-free section.

>From reference [3], question 20, there are circumstances under which Sun
could demand that we make either a non-trivial update to the Java
packages in a stable release, or else remove them within 90 days:

> 20. What if a problem comes up after I distribute the software?
>   If Sun becomes aware of a compatibility problem with the JDK
>   software on your OS distribution and notifies you about it, then you
>   must fix the problem and offer a patch or new version to your
>   downstream users and distributors, or stop distributing the software
>   within 90 days of being notified. If you stop distributing the
>   software, you must also make reasonable attempts to notify your
>   users, and anyone who might have downloaded your OS
>   distribution. Once your downstream users are notified, they must
>   make the same choice (i.e. fix the problem or stop
>   using/distributing the software)

Is this a burden that FTP-masters are willing and able to take on?  Or
is the probability of this happening judged to be low enough that we
aren't worried about it?

> [1] http://www.sun.com/smi/Press/sunflash/2006-05/sunflash.20060516.4.xml
> [2] http://download.java.net/dlj/DLJ-v1.1.txt
>     http://download.java.net/dlj/DLJ-v1.1.pdf
> [3] http://download.java.net/dlj/DLJ-FAQ-v1.1.txt
>     http://download.java.net/dlj/DLJ-FAQ-v1.1.pdf

best regards,

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