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Re: Bug#367200: ITP: libemail-send-perl -- Simply Sending Email

On Wed, 17 May 2006 11:35:44 +0200, Adam Borowski
<kilobyte@angband.pl> wrote:
>Except, this is _doubling_ a question that was already asked somewhere else,
>ie, a bug.  The UNIX way of configuring the mail is setting up a binary that
>knows how to deliver it as "/usr/sbin/sendmail"; it doesn't matter whether
>that binary will do the work itself, run ssh -T foo sendmail, or toss the
>mail to a smarthost.  The Debian way of configuring stuff is asking the
>admin the relevant questions only once, and keeping the config in a shared

A bug reporting tool, which might be used to report a fatal bug in the
default MTA, is a possible exception.

Why this tool is written in python, an interpreted language with a run
time system the size of Buckingham Palace, The White House and the
Kreml combined, is an entirely different story.


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