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Re: I want to modify the gnome panel deb package

Indraveni wrote:
> Hi,
>  we are working for a  distro which is using debian pacakges. By default
> the gnome panel is having no colour. I want to change the look and feel
> of the panel, Applications menu backgroud color, Window title background
> color..,etc. Just to make it look diferent with diffrent colors. I dont
> want to go with a new theme.
> can any one please tell me where this panel background colors I can
> change... I searched the gnome-panel pacakge, where there are some files
> called panel-applet-enums.c etc, where the PANEL-BACKGROUND id defined
> as NO BACKGROUND color. Is i the place where I need to modify??? If so
> how can I do it { I mean syntax of it }
> HELP PLEASE.............

I notice that you have asked lots of questions on the debian-user and
debian-devel lists.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you
may wany to consider hiring a Debian consultant [0] to help the process
go smoother.


[0] http://www.debian.org/consultants/

Roberto C. Sanchez

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