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Re: Bug#367456: general: text missing in menus and buttons inside window when using utf-8 locale (en_US.utf8)

reassign 367456 libgtk1.2
reassign 365678 libgtk1.2
severity 367456 important
severity 365678 important
severity 287520 important
merge 287520 365649 365678 367456

Kevin Mark <kmark@pipeline.com> writes:

> I reported an issue with Cinepaint(#365801) and it occurs also with my
> instance of Dillo. Not the SIGFPE but the font issue. Two instances of
> the same bug I felt warranted a general report. If I find a third data
> point, it will really solidify this. If I use 'LC_ALL=en_US.utf8 dillo'
> I get no menu text and 'google search' button is blank. If I use
> 'LC_ALL=en_US dillo' it works fine.  It maybe related to: X 7.0, gtk
> 1.2, unicode fonts or locales.

GTK+-1.2 does not work properly in UTF-8 locales; it can't handle the
fonts.  If you try setting LANG=C and run the applications again, you
should find the fonts then display properly.

GTK+-1.2 is no longer maintained.  These applications should have been
ported to GTK+-2.0 several years ago.  While not a fix, it's possible
that a workaround in libgtk1.2 to set the locale LC_CTYPE to C/POSIX
when it's using a UTF-8 codeset would at least make the applications
usable, even if it breaks i18n.  At this point we're just patching up
abandoned code.


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