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Re: Re: Creation of custom

Am 15.05.2006 um 10:32 Uhr haben Sie geschrieben:
> On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 09:49:00AM +0200, lists-debian@latendresse.de

> Custom *packages* is probably more on-topic for debian-mentors, but I
> think that custom packages are the right solution.

Sorry for that.

> > What would be the best (cleanest, most debian-like solution) be? I
> > thought of "meta-packages" with pre-depends to the real packages and
> > dpkg-divertions for the config files?
> I don't think you can dpkg-divert conffiles, which makes it a bit
tricky to
> do that anyway.

Well thanks, did not know that! Then my "solution" does not seen to make

> The correct solution to your problem, I think, is a system management
> application such as CFEngine or (my preferred option) Puppet.  These
> allow you to specify rules which describe how your system is supposed
> look, and then the program does what's needed to make that happen. 
You can
> make classes, too, which are generic configuration fragments which you
> apply to a group of hosts -- a very powerful feature which allows you
> make the common config parts really common.

Sound ver good. I already headre about CFEngine, don't know puppet yet.
Will have a look at both og them.

> CFEngine is in Debian, but has some real nasty frustrations.  Puppet
> in Debian, but Jamie is working hard on the packages and I've got some
> provisional ones built from his sources if you want to try it out. 
> is fairly new on the scene, but is maturing fast, and has much less
> irritations.
> - Matt

Well, of course I would like to try, that's  why I asked ;-) So how  can
I get my (virtual) fingers on that (puppy) packages? Are they for sarge,
otherwiese I will (have to) build some myself.

What is the URL for puppy?


W. la Tendresse

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