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Creation of custom "configured" packages?


in case I am in the wrong list, I beg you pardon, but I asked this
already in debian-user without success.

I would like to build customized, configured packages (for example
additional bash script for the bash package, some default keybindings
for screen, some host in /etc/ssh/known_hosts for ssh ... the list is
endless), because maitainigs multiple systems becomes frustrating
otherwise, if you maintain more than 2 computers (4 in my case).

What would be the best (cleanest, most debian-like solution) be? I
thought of "meta-packages" with pre-depends to the real packages and
dpkg-divertions for the config files?

Are there other possibilities?

dpsyco does not seem to do what I want, at least not enough of what I
want (though I must admin, I didn't read the whole documentation yet).

Are there other packages like dpsyco, which could help?

Thank you very much in advance.

W. la Tendresse

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