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Re: Intent to hijack Bacula

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> [snip]
> Thanks for this. I'm using backuppc at work and was considering to
> move our backups to bacula after upgrading our current hardware setup.
> Package updates and bug squashing in general was on the roadmap.
Bacula (specially 1.38.x is much better... hopefully you'll be delighted)
> That would be good if you, Jose and probably others joined a 'bacula'
> group in alioth to keep this in group maintenance. 
I have offered John co-maintenance recently.

I previously declined very 'consistent' offers to adopt/take over
Bacula, and offered co-maintenance instead.
One of the main reasons: i have quite good relations with upstream
(almost made them move main development to Debian -- will try again
soon) and understand our user's problems quite well. Additionally, quite
a lot of users have already contacted me.
> Hopefully i would be able to join with real work in the next month.
> Thoughts?
You would be more than welcome... specially if  you are any good with
Postgres. I know that the current postinst could be better (was
contributed and can't say much)

Some work a much needed dbconfig-common migration would be very
interesting, too (i don't feel i have resources enough to tackle that on
my own)
> Closing, do you think it will be possible to ship in Etch a "backup
> server" task using bacula ? I think that's all up to add more stuff in
> debconf and prepare the task itself. Probably a goal for the first
> 'group upload', if you agree.
I couldn't be happier if that happened. We have a bit less than 3 months
(until Etch freezes) to get all of this in shape. Any other volunteers?


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