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Re: effectiveness of rsync and apt

I demand that Pierre Habouzit may or may not have written...

[snip; delta packages?]
> The real question is: do people clean their apt cache or not? I do, because
> after a full X.org/kde/openoffice upgrade, it takes quite a lot of disk in
> /var (that is small on my computers). And with that cache cleaned, I fail
> to see how we could improve things much.

<AOL>. But it's not a matter of if the apt cache is cleaned; it's a matter of
if, when, and whether old packages only or the whole cache is discarded.
Between lists update and packages download is the worst possible time to do
so for delta packages; cleaning out old packages immediately before update or
after an upgrade (or at least after the new versions are cached) seem to be
the best options and should still allow the maximum improvement.

> The mirrors replication could really benefit from that though.

Seems likely...

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