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Re: Does /etc/shadow exist in an sbuild environment?

Quoting Kevin B. McCarty (kmccarty@Princeton.EDU):
> Hi all,
> Does anyone know whether the default sbuild environment includes the
> file /etc/shadow?  I am sponsoring a package ("root", cf. #325306) whose
> configure script tests the existence of /etc/shadow to decide whether or
> not to support shadow passwords.  This is a compile-time setting, so I'd
> like to support the largest number of environments by having shadow
> support turned on, which I believe is the default in Debian.

Turning shadow on in chroots is left up to the local admin.

This is optionnally done by the passwd package when it is
reconfigured, see /var/lib/dpkg/info/passwd.config

Of course, using "shadowconfig on" is also possible without
reconfiguring the passwd package..:)

Apart from that, yes, enabling shadow passwords is the default on
newly installed Debian. The relevant question is hidden in default
high priority installs and has a positive answer as default. It is
shown when the install is run at medium priority.

So, in short, using shadow passowrd is the default on current Debian
systems but *not* using them is also possible if the local admin did
choose this option when isntalling...or if the system has been
upgraded from version to version after being installed in the old days
where shadow passwords were not the default option (they're the
default since woody, at least, and maybe even before).

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