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ndiswrapper update


I've redone the packaging for ndiswrapper, starting with 1.8-2.  My goal
is to allow utils packages to be installed in parallel, and to allow a
smooth upgrade from both 1.1-4 (the version that's in sarge) and 1.8-1
(the version that's in sid).

If you are running ndiswrapper 1.8-1, please upgrade ASAP if you want
any sort of smooth transition.  I will be uploading 1.14-1 soon, and
going from 1.8-1 to 1.14-1 will *not* be a smooth transition.  Make sure
you install 1.8-2 before going to 1.14-1.

If you are running ndiswrapper 1.1-4, do nothing; upgrades to 1.14-1
should work, and that is the version that will migrate into etch.

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