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Re: O: lirc - Linux Infra-red Remote Control support

Guus Sliepen wrote:
> You should file a wnpp bug. 

Not yet, I wanted to know if there was any interest before just leaving
it out in the cold. Well, maybe you are right, maybe filing this wnpp
bug is not as bad as it feels to me :) But... I have tried before to set
up a co-maintainance group, and somewhat failed.

There's an alioth project, Hector worked on lirc and most of the real
nasty bugs are gone now, I still need to do house cleaning, and would
like to remain in the packaging group, but not as lead bottleneck^W

> Since I'm also the maintainer of the inputlirc package, I could adopt
> this package, but I'd rather let someone else who (still) uses
> homebrewn receivers adopt it. 

Yes, that would be nice + makes a lot of sense. 

> Let me know if noone else steps up.

I will. 

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