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Re: utnubu-desktop for the masses

David Nusinow wrote:
> I don't think the target market for tasksel is fundamentally different from
> that of the large metapackages like kde or xorg. People make exactly the
> same complaints about metapackages. What I'm proposing is that we eliminate
> the distinction entirely and just move the major metapackages to tasksel if
> this can be done transparently and give actual benefits. Aside from the
> fact that it would take work to do it, is there a fundamental reason why
> this can't or shouldn't be done?

One problem is that tasksel is used to select between tasks, and kde or
xorg are not a task, they're a fairly-well-defined collection of software.
Tasks are slightly less well defined as the idea is it's some collection
of software that sets the computer up to perform a certian task.

debtags might be a better match for what you're wanting to do, really..

see shy jo

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