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Re: Bug#364422: libopenobex1-dev: pkg-config should provide correct include-path


Am Sonntag, 23. April 2006 13:39 schrieb Michael Meskes:
> Package: libopenobex1-dev
> Version: 1.2-2
> Severity: normal
> Since we couldn't agree on this in private email I think we should try
> to get a more public discussion started. Thus this bug report.
> libopenobex1-dev stores its header files under /usr/include/openobex,
> but pkg-config --cflags-only-I openobex says nothing. Or in other words,
> /usr/lib/pkgconfig/openobex.pc defines includedir=${prefix}/include
> which obviously is not the place where the header files are.
> IMO this is not correct, but then I'm not really into pkg-config usage
> so I might be incorrect.

Cited from the libopenobex documentation 
(see /usr/share/doc/libopenobex1-dev/openobex/c25.html):
"To be able to use the OpenOBEX API you must include the file 

kdebluetooth currently does
#include <obex.h>
in quite some files but the header file is at /usr/include/openobex/obex.h and 
the API says to use
#include <openobex/obex.h>

Should kdebluetooth fix the include statements or should the openobex.pc file 
say that "includedir=${prefix}/include/openobex"?

previously, libopenobex used openobex-config that always stated 
an -I/usr/include. kdebluetooth that checked obex.h at that path and if not 
present added an openobex/ to that patch and checked again.
However, pkg-config is too smart and does not output and -I/usr/include.

What are your opinions about this?


Hendrik Sattler

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