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Common Position on RubyGems, stupid? what about /usr/local/ ?

Reading http://pkg-ruby-extras.alioth.debian.org/rubygems.html was

I might be completely wrong but i would like to know what you think about
this idea. I noticed that the ruby1.8 install supports the directory:


So what about packaging a version of rubygems with its files in:


BUT this version would be configured to install and consume downloaded gems into:


The package is compliant (at installation only it only add an empty dir in

Admin takes full reponsabilty about rubygem. On purge rubygem only remove its
files in /usr/lib.

I consider rubygem as package similar to wget. I don't expect dpkg -P wget
to remove files i have downloaded when i typed:

	wget -O /usr/local/somefile http://some/url

What do you think about that ?


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