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Re: Testing transitions before uploading to unstable


> I didn't suggest it as a layer in the
> stable/testing/unstable/experimental spectrum. Rather, it is meant to be
> orthogonal to them, a completely new system. For example, there's no
> need to restrict uploads to DDs.

Would it be an incentive if there was extra points granted for
independent package reverse-build-dep testing ?  Note that
reverse-build-dep is not going to test everything, but it's one way of
ensuring that we don't get broken builds.

My vision is to either

1. allow uploads to incoming but delay installation to unstable until 
   enough independent testing is done

2. allow uploads to unstable but delay testing until enough
   independent testing is done.

We're currently doing deduction-based QA based on user-reported bug
reports; we might as well start doing some addition-based QA.

This kind of distributed processing might just be feasible. 

dancer@{debian.org,netfort.gr.jp}   Debian Project

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