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Re: Testing transitions before uploading to unstable

su, 2006-04-16 kello 23:49 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow kirjoitti:
> That is called experimental or unstable.

Er, no. The point is to get things tested and hopefully fixed before
uploading to unstable. Experimental might work, but then packages there
need to be tested with the existing unstable in ways they are not, as
far as I know, currently being tested.
> >         * A fully automated tool upgrades an existing system (a chroot,
> >         a Xen instance, or whatever) to your new packages, and reports
> >         if all went OK. It also runs automated tests to see that
> >         everything works, before and after the upgrade.
> puiparts

Piuparts tests individual packages and packages that they depend on. It
does not test that, for example, reverse dependencies continue to work.

> >         * If there were any problems, you can fix packages and try
> >         again. As many times as you need to. You can also include fixed
> >         versions of other packages to test them, too.
> I think this is best left to unstable/experimental. Adding yet another
> layer of distributions would just increase the workload managing them.

I didn't suggest it as a layer in the
stable/testing/unstable/experimental spectrum. Rather, it is meant to be
orthogonal to them, a completely new system. For example, there's no
need to restrict uploads to DDs.

> All you need is to setup a central wanna-build and some script to
> reschedule reverse Build-Depends and get people to setup buildds. If
> you know what you are doing this is a matter of hours. More if you try
> it the first time.
> Nobody is stopping you.

Why do you think anybody would be stopping me? The reason I am not going
to be working on this myself is because my available time is allocated
elsewhere already.

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