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Bug#362652: ITP: sork-forwards-h3 -- autoforward module for Horde Framework

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Gregory Colpart (evolix) <reg@evolix.fr>

* Package name    : sork-forwards-h3
  Version         : 3.0
  Upstream Author : The Horde Team <sork@lists.horde.org>
* URL             : http://www.horde.org/forwards/
* License         : Apache License 1.1
  Description     : autoforward module for Horde Framework

 Forwards is the Horde module for setting user e-mail forwards
 via the forward mechanism supported by several popular mailers.
 Forwards provides fairly complete support for setting .forward
 style forwards on Sendmail, Courier, or Qmail mail based systems
 via an FTP transport. It also has drivers for Mdaemon, Exim SQL,
 Exim LDAP, Custom SQL, and SOAP based systems.

I use Forwards on my personal mail server. This is a "must-have" for
a webmail suite. I have already beta packages but I want to ask
confirmation to debian-legal for the license.
Note that I will try to submit a patch to upstream for Postfix LDAP
driver because I use it.

Gregory Colpart <reg@evolix.fr>  GnuPG:1024D/C1027A0E
Evolix - Informatique et Logiciels Libres http://www.evolix.fr/

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