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Re: Bug#362040: ITP: rt2x00 -- RT2400/2500/2570 wireless network drivers

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 00:23, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> * Package name    : rt2x00

> This package would contain version 2 of the rt2x00 drivers that are
> currently distributed as separate rt2400 and rt2500 packages (and a
> proposed rt2570 package).

Did you talk with Aurelien (maintainer of rt2400-source/2500-source)?  I'm 
just wondering - perhaps he has already worked on something like this, or 
planned to do so shortly?

>  It probably belongs in experimental initially.

I don't see why - there isn't an existing rt2x00 that would be replaced by a 
potentially non-working new version, so it won't do any harm in unstable, 
while getting wider exposure than it would in experimental.  A 'don't 
migrate to testing' RC bug would be a good idea, though.

-- vbi

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