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Re: Accepted mailman 2.1.5-8sarge3 (source sparc)


* Lionel Elie Mamane (lmamane@debian.org) [060412 13:49]:
>  mailman (2.1.5-8sarge3) stable; urgency=high
>  .
>    * Don't delete other package's ucf-managed configuration files
>      (closes: #358575)
> Files: 
>  2a02b24630b797a17c52380d299a4b2f 633 mail optional mailman_2.1.5-8sarge3.dsc
>  90f03d59fcbe53e8f7399574641d9c92 118330 mail optional mailman_2.1.5-8sarge3.diff.gz
>  615500ff6cd8404ec4563456f1145617 6616342 mail optional mailman_2.1.5-8sarge3_sparc.deb

what's that? Can't you *please* *please* ask first on debian-release
before uploading a new version - especially if there is already a
version in proposed-updates that is scheduled for the next stable point
release (like a security update)? This was now *very* near to delaying
the next stable point release (but the ftp-masters helped us out).

Please ask first at debian-release@lists.debian.org, and attach a diff.
That will help us all, give you immediate feedback and makes sure there
are no unnecessary actions required.


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