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Is Thorsten Sauter MIA?

I've been trying to reach Thorsten Sauter for some time now. I've sent
him a couple emails over the last month and have heard nothing back. I
was recently involved in an NMU of libphp-adodb, which he maintains and
was 6 months out of date and had serveral security problems. There was
even a backport done to stable and oldstable which involved many emails
CC'ed to him, and he never responded.

I've looked at his packages (grdesktop, libphp-adodb, wmmatrix,
xmms-kjofol) but none of them has seen much attention recently, and 2
have been NMUed recently. I also see that he has worked with the Debian
Install System Team in the past, though I couldn't find any recent (last
2 years) contributions there either.

If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know, or ask him to
orphan his few remaining packages so they might receive the attention
they deserve.

Here's some examples of him orphaning some packages recently:


And other people unable to get a hold of him (though they eventually did):


Cameron Dale

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