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Re: problem with packaging

On Friday 07 April 2006 15:43, jean wrote:
> hi,
> i'm trying to create a package for sarge (it is my first experience in
> packet creation ), i tried to do this from an existing packet, i have
> decompacted the packet, i modified some things, and i re-packaged the
> folder.

As others have said: you'd rarely create binary packages 'out of thin air' - 
usually you'd write/modify a Debian source package (this is a .tar.gz file, 
an optional .diff.gz file and a .dsc file) and use standard Debian tools 
(dpkg-buildpackage, debuild or some others) to create a new binary package.

Here are some URLs to get you started:

  (These are some slides - not very verbose, but might give you a quick 
  (This will get you started quite efficiently)
  (this is the definitive reference on Debian packages.  Probably not what 
you'd want to start with, though.)

-- vbi

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