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Re: problem with packaging

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在 星期五 07 四月 2006 21:43,jean 写道:
> hi,
> i'm trying to create a package for sarge (it is my first experience in
> packet creation ), i tried to do this from an existing packet, i have
> decompacted the packet, i modified some things, and i re-packaged the
> folder. i begin to understand scripts like preinst,prerm ect...
> i created my package with : dpkg-deb -b
> in my folder, there is the program with his filesystem hierarchy ( var
> usr etc ) + DEBIAN folder
> i have a problem to understand, during the packet installation, how the
> dpkg -i copy files witch are in the .deb in the filesystem of the
> computer . witch files allows us to configure this copy ?
> in order to make my package i used this tutorial :
> http://eric.van-der-vlist.com/blog/1449?t=item
> thanks if somebody can helps me
> regards, sorry for my poor english
> jean
that's not well , if you wanna based on exist package ,you'd use the debian 
source package for your work . hope you can read new maintainer guide on 
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