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Re: Old packages: when removed, what happens to them, where are they?

On 01/04/2006 Jari Aalto wrote:
> I've recently have an interest in using older Debian packages that
> were once included in the distribution but then removed. The Debian
> FAQ did not talk about this issue and tha packages.debian.org search
> page did not offer option to look for old and removed packages.
> What happens to them? Where can I browse and download the dusted
> packages that were put away? [1]

take a look at snapshot.debian.net.
but i'm not sure how packages are treated that were removed from debian
due to license issues. i guess that they are purged from
snapshot.debian.net as well.

apart from that, this question belongs more to debian-user. this is a
development list. please see lists.debian.org for more information.


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