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Old packages: when removed, what happens to them, where are they?

I've recently have an interest in using older Debian packages that
were once included in the distribution but then removed. The Debian
FAQ did not talk about this issue and tha packages.debian.org search
page did not offer option to look for old and removed packages.

What happens to them? Where can I browse and download the dusted
packages that were put away? [1]



I'd need the xaw95 package, once uploaded to Debian xaw95
1.1-4.6potato1 (or newer) to build the small xrun program for use with
small window managers.


Maintainer: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
 xaw95g     - Windows 95-like look for X apps using the Athena widgets
 xaw95 (1.1-4.6potato1) stable; urgency=HIGH
   * NMU. Fixed temp file security holes in AsciiSrc and MultiSrc
     widgets. Fix taken from X, which had the same problem.
   * Removed the libc5 stuff from the package, since it is no longer
     possible to build it on unstable, which lacks a libc5 xpm library.
   * Conflicts with old insecure libc5 package to ensure no users are
     left with it installed.
 e1e851e56e8bd55e7aa7ad75d53e1795 579 x11 extra xaw95_1.1-4.6potato1.dsc
 8e2814e26829f8618407bddc2a8139a0 97389 x11 extra xaw95_1.1-4.6potato1.diff.gz
 ad465ec7dd6b7cdf155da49ed40fd0f1 1154248 x11 extra xaw95g_1.1-4.6potato1_i386.deb

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