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Re: Some packages need a new maintainer

retitle 312078 ITA: ht -- Viewer/editor/analyser (mostly) for executables
owner 312078 !


* Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> [060329 20:51]:

> * Florian Ernst <florian@uni-hd.de> [060329 20:00]:
> > The following packages are up for adoption, if you want them
> > please just take them; [..]
> > ht                       - Viewer/editor/analyser (mostly) for executables
> And I use that from time to time, so I'm willing to take it; but after
> reading #312078 I'm unsure if I'm knowledgeable enough for that myself.

Since I haven't heard from you, yet (and I'm about to leave again for a
couple of days to a no-net area), and since Luk Claes volunteered to me
Co-Maintainer, we are taking it.

Upload will follow, when I return (which should be Sunday evening).

Frank, I would welcome feedback from you, what the remaining issues you
mention in your RFA are.  I didn't saw any bug reports or new upstream
releases (and upstream doesn't seem to release a new release every

Yours sincerely,


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