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project machine architecture aliases


I have another "wishful thinking" idea for build machines to float.

Suppose I get a bug report saying my package has failed to build on
architecture glooble.  I don't personally have a globle machine.  To
debug the problem, I need to fire up www.debian.org/devel, find the
link to the list of project machines, scan the list for the name of a
glooble machine (which is likely to be the name of a completely
unrelated composer of music).  Finally, I can log in.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just do: "ssh glooble.dev.debian.org"
and have that be an alias to some machine of architecture glooble?
I'm assuming that there's a way to do fancy DNS load balancing amongst
the machines of type glooble that are currently available.

My idea is that there be one alias for each architecture, preferably
something easy to remember, such as ${arch}.dev.debian.org.  It would
be an alias for "any available machine of class ${arch}".  It's not
intended to be a replacement for the list on www.debian.org/devel, so
if I need to get to a specific machine, I still can consult the list.


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