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Re: freetype package


No idea what this [below] is about exactly, but are you aware of the newly 
formed Debian fonts task-force?  Mailing list is 
pkg-fonts-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org.  Greetings

-- vbi

On Friday 24 March 2006 19:19, Anthony Fok wrote:
> Will Newton wrote:
> > This package hasn't had a maintainer upload in 12 months. It is
> > currently at version 2.1.7 whilst upstream is in the process of
> > releasing 2.1.10. These new releases include some quite critical
> > bugfixes and visual improvements.
> >
> > Is this package being actively maintained? I volunteer to help out with
> > packaging, but I think freetype requires at least one maintainer who is
> > familiar with CJK fonts (i.e. not me).
> Hello Will!
> Sorry for taking so long to reply your e-mail!  I was too busy to attend
> to my Debian matters last year, and I'm very glad that you adopted the
> FreeType 2 package and keep it up-to-date!  :-)
> I read in the changelog that you are looking for co-maintainer(s).  I'm
> wondering if I could become one?  :-)
> Thanks,
> Anthony Fok

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