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Re: libopenobex library transition

severity 358279 important
severity 358275 important
severity 358283 important

On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 04:55:39PM +0100, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

> Sadly, they changed the soname again. So instead of directly uploading the
> new upstream version, I would like to wait for the following bugs to be
> resolved, 
> first:
> affix: #358279
> kdebluetooth: #358275
> multisync: #358283
> obexftp: needs upload of 0.19 (have to ask my sponsor :)

First of all, why are there already two libopenobex packages in unstable
(libopenobex -> libopenobex1, and libopenobex1.0 -> libopenobex1.0-0)?

Secondly, why do the above bugs need to be fixed before uploading the new
version of libopenobex?  AIUI, they already build-depend only on
libopenobex-1.0-0-dev, which is the older version of the library.

Third, if you're changing the name of the -dev package anyway, why are you
changing it to libopenobex1-dev instead of libopenobex-dev?  Is the API
expected to change with every soname change?

> When those are in testing, I will request removal of the old binary lib 
> packages (libopenobex-1.0-0*) from testing and sid.

Well, that answers my first question.  It also means that those bugs are
filed at the wrong severity: these packages currently do *not* FTBFS,
because you haven't requested removal of the old library yet.

> The build dependencies of those packages should then be at
> libopenobex-dev (>= 1.1)

That won't work.  libopenobex-dev is a virtual package; you can't have a
versioned (build-)dep on a virtual package.

But I don't see any good reason why libopenobex-dev shouldn't be the *real*
package name.

So, please:

- make the name of the -dev package libopenobex-dev instead of
  libopenobex1-dev, because sonames shouldn't be encoded in -dev package
- don't wait for the other packages to be updated before uploading the new
  soname, if one is needed
- don't wait for the other packages to be updated before filing a removal
  request for the old library version.

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