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libopenobex library transition


Sadly, they changed the soname again. So instead of directly uploading the new 
upstream version, I would like to wait for the following bugs to be resolved, 
affix: #358279
kdebluetooth: #358275
multisync: #358283
obexftp: needs upload of 0.19 (have to ask my sponsor :)

I did not file any bugs on the following packages, yet:
obexserver (wrong detection of the lib even before the change)

When those are in testing, I will request removal of the old binary lib 
packages (libopenobex-1.0-0*) from testing and sid.

The build dependencies of those packages should then be at
libopenobex-dev (>= 1.1)
and a new version with a different soname can be added without any pain 
(rebuilding without source change would work).

The old -dev package (libopenobex-1.0-0-dev) had an epoch (1:1.0.0-rel-3), can 
this be a problem? It is not possible to build with the old -dev package.

Are there any other problems with this plan?

Hendrik Sattler

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