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Re: question on hurd-i386 Debian architecture

Riku Voipio wrote:

On Sun, Mar 12, 2006 at 03:49:01PM +0100, Peter Kourzanov wrote:
Can anyone please explain why this architecture is named hurd-i386 rather that i386-hurd?

because dpkg-architecture has a line like this:

 return "$os-$cpu";

older dpkg (of sarge age) was more flexible, so likely the
hurd naming decission was not done because of dpkg-architecture,
but rather the other way around.
That's weird, naming a architecure because of a seemingly random
choice made in a script. But OK, that's fair enough...

I am adding some additional archs to my local installation like i386-uclibc,
which makes hurd-i386 an exception to the rule of having the CPU arch first
and the OS name the next.

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