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startscripts run twice


I noticed that on my two debian/sarge machines (ppc32 and amd64) most 
startscripts are ran twice. I don't know the package which this bug belongs 
to because the startup process is a little bit unclear to me. So I will try 
to explain how much I found out by now:

During the boot process, first runlevel S is entered followed by runlevel 2. 
The rc script in runlevel 2 should find out, that S was the previous runlevel 
and should not start the processes already started in S. 
This does not happen on my systems, because in runlevel S, the utmp file is 
not updated correctly. You can try out yourself by modifing inittab to boot 
into runlevel S. Here the command "runlevel" shows just "unknown" instead of 
"N S" or somthing like that. In runlevel 2, it shows "N 2" instead of "S 2".

Is it just me or can anyone confirm this behavior?

	- marvin

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