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Re: For those who care about stable updates

> If I were a crazier man I would say something like:
>    "The end is neigh!"
> It is a dark, dark day for Debian, indeed.

Death of Debian predicted. Film at 11.

Believe it or not, but Joey's resign could actually be more a Good
Thing than a bad thing.

Seeing renewal and new blood come in is not necessarily bad. Not
because Joey did his job badly, "au contraire". But mostly because
accumulated frustration would have slowly affected the quality of his
work, especially in his other tasks (such as the DWN or package
maintenance, or whichever task I'm not even aware he's in charge of).

Joey stepping down as Stable RM is also a strong sign and I tend to
believe this is also what he wants it to be. Let's  take it as a sign
that we must handle some things "better" (don't like this word: things
are not black or white, usually).

In real life, when a (mini-)crisis like this one occurs in normal
organizations, a good management action is to analyse the causes of
the crisis and try to correct the organization to avoid further such

This is the challenge for Debian. We face a few crisis, which we need
to take as opportunities to improve the way we work. Our challenge is
doing so without a manager (that's probably what Martin Michlmayr is
calling for in his now quite famous "DPL as a strong leader" blog).

I don't read -project (and I don't intend to....unless ${DEITY} slows
down earth rotation to make 28 hours days) but from Amaya's posts, it
seems to me that discussions are happening on -project about such
issues...which is Good.

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