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Re: Processed: block 322762 with 355341

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006, Brian May wrote:
> Two more questions.
> 1. according to the above, bug 355341 was added to the block list of
> 322762. If I go to <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/322762>, there is a list of
> blocking bugs at the top:
> --- cut ---
> ix blocked by #189856: /usr/doc/libruby still exists after upgrade to
> unstable;
> ...etc...
> --- cut ---
> but I don't see bug 355341 listed. Why not?

Because it has been closed in xcolorsel 1.1a-14
> However, at the bottom it is listed:
> --- cut ---
> Blocking bugs added: 355341 Request was from Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> to
> control@bugs.debian.org. Full text and rfc822 format available.
> --- cut ---
> 2. is it possible to list all bugs that are not blocked?

Currently it's not possible, assuming you're talking about displaying
bugs in a particular package which are not blocked. [Displaying _all_
unblocked bugs would be kind of silly, of course. ;-)]
> 3. does blocking imply any action will automatically be taken once
> all blocked bugs are closed?


> What happens if you try to close a bug that is blocked?

It'll still close it. [scripts/process.in, which is the part that
deals with messages to -done currently doesn't know anything about

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