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Re: For those who care about stable updates

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 08:06:33PM +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le jeudi 09 mars 2006 à 20:49 +0200, Daniel Stone a écrit :
> > I think you'll find what they're saying is, 'don't be an idiot on
> > mailing lists'.  And here you are, being an idiot on a mailing list,
> > which is pretty fitting, I guess.  (But it is a problem.)
> If pointing at problems is idiot, I prefer to be an idiot. I will not be
> the one to shut up when we are losing again to a group of individuals
> who are deliberately hurting the project by keeping their power
> positions safe.

I don't see how your message follows from mine (and I notice you
cleverly failed to answer the main question posed there), so I'm going
to let it go.

> If you want to start an expulsion procedure against idiots, go ahead.

If only ...

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