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[Debian-Java] Bits from the FOSDEM

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[reply only on debian-java, thanks]
Hi all,

This is a report from the debian-java meeting we (Michael Koch, Wolfgang
Baer and I) had at the FOSDEM[2], Bruxelles, Belgium. The discussion is
the continuation of the meeting we had at Oldenburg in september 2005[1].

- - Debian-Java policy changes
- - Debian-Java welcomes women
- - Java in kFreeBSD port

1) Debian-Java policy changes

   We have some proposals about the Debian-Java policy changes that
- - java libraries built with debug symbols;
- - java libraries must not depends on java-runtime;
- - java libraries can go to main if they can be built with free VM;
- - add a new paragraph about building some java applications to native;
- - add a new paragraph about javadoc (if this happens, we could be the
only platform with a so good java documentation integration!);
- - solve the (rare) problem of arch depends java libraries;
- - enable the unit tests of java package (but will not be a blocker);
- - virtual machine should support the 'ext' directory if they provide
classloader extension;
- - rationalize java virtual packages;
- - use java-gcj-compat-dev to build java package if possible.

   That's a lot of changes and we are sure it will improuve Debian-Java.
We are preparing drafts at a secret location[2]. We will send all those
proposals as bugs against java-common package. We will review the
java-common package bugs and discuss changes on the BTS (note: all bugs
against java-common are forwarded to debian-java@lists.debian.org).
Thanks to wait the bug reports to discuss the Debian-Java Policy changes.

2) Debian-Java welcomes women

   I attended to the (excellent) presentation of Hanna Wallach about
FLOSSPOLS and I wondered how we could help. I thought about a logo on
the website but after some discussion on irc (#debian-women), it seems I
did not understand the point.

   Anyway, I think we can help if we review our documentation and
replace the 'he' occurences by something else (I don't know what is
prefered: he/she, (s)he, she/he, he/she, s-he, s/he, s(he)). Also, I
just wanna say we are open to help the Debian-Women project.

3) Java in kFreeBSD port

   I was at the presentation of Aurelien Jarno about kFreeBSD in the
Debian devroom at the FOSDEM and it seems there is no java on kFreeBSD.
Michael Koch told me he has a patch for JamVM. We'd like to provide Java
on the kFreeBSD port and we'll try to do it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time and attention,

Arnaud Vandyck for the Debian-Java team[3]

[0] http://fosdem.org/
[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2005/11/msg00005.html
    The discussion about Debian-Java at DevJam was with Wolfgang Baer,
    Rene Engelhard, Michael Koch, Matthias Klose, Jeroen VanWolffelaar
    and I.
[2] http://wiki.debian.org/Java/Draft
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-java

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