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Re: the latest gnome

Kevin Mark wrote:
> If 'upgrades'
> in Gnome are going to remove something, I think there should be
> something obvious like a document placed on the desktop saying
> 'gnome_2.12.2.removed.features' and explaining what was removed and how to work around it
> based upon the functionality in the last version.

Well, personally, after the tasklist applet lost its ability to only
show iconified (minimized) windows, I found that the solution was along
the lines of: [At the risk of starting a flame war]

# apt-get install kicker
$ killall gnome-panel
    ... damn, it comes back.
$ while true; do killall -9 gnome-panel; done
    ... wait a few seconds, control-c the while true loop,
        and now it doesn't come back. Yeah!
$ kicker

GNOME seems to be more and more focusing on the entry-level Linux user,
and less and less on advanced users. Most unfortunate, its much prettier
than KDE. And Nautilus beats Konqueror's file handling hands down.

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