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Re: the latest gnome

Hi TB,
On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 01:07:03PM -0800, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> The latest gnome (2.12.2 according to Desktop>About GNOME) has, like
> all previous "up"grades, disabled my preference for emacs-style
> editing in forms, etc.  It used to be in the Keyboard Preferences
> dialog, but as I have become accustomed to seeing, the latest version
> has removed more features, including this one.
> I feel a little like that Star Trek episode where Dr. Crusher keeps
> finding that people are vanishing, until she's left in a little bubble
> of a universe all by herself.
> In any case, since the latest gnome has also disabled the help system
> (or rather, the most up-to-date manual is the accessibility guide for
> 2.8 and the user's guide for 2.6), where has the feature moved to this
> week?
I am a Gnome user(shutter) and I always thought that 'upgrade' meant
getting more goodies(featureitis) but with Gnome the opposite is true.
If I was writing a program and someone reduced the api, I'd want a warning
so as to know how to workaround or change how I do stuff. If 'upgrades'
in Gnome are going to remove something, I think there should be
something obvious like a document placed on the desktop saying
'gnome_2.12.2.removed.features' and explaining what was removed and how to work around it
based upon the functionality in the last version. Users should also read
stuff in /usr/share/doc/ but many users dont as users just expect upgrade
more or less to fix stuff, not remove features.
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