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Re: /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/volatile on tmpfs

"Sergio Callegari" <scallegari@deis.unibo.it> wrote in message [🔎] 440331E5.5070703@deis.unibo.it">news:[🔎] 440331E5.5070703@deis.unibo.it...
I have this directory on an Ubuntu system and it seems to be present
on recent Debian systems too...
It is on tmpfs.
Can anybody tell me what is its purpose (as many other distros don't
have it) and when it gets mounted?



I'm betting that it is caused by a bug somewhere. Something is presumably tring to create a tmpfs on /etc/svc/volatile, but is accidentally doing it in that directory instead.

What is probably happing is a script that thinks it is executing in /etc/svc is not, or is having its cwd changed unexpectedly.

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