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Re: gnucash 1.9.1

On Monday 27 February 2006 23:51, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:
> I have uploaded gnucash 1.9.1 to the experimental archive today.  This
> is the long-awaited GNOME-2 version of gnucash.
> Users of gnucash who are willing to use this experimental software are
> desired.  It is not a good idea for every casual user to use it (or I
> would have put it in unstable), but testing will help the process
> along.
> It should be noted that there is no good documentation for it yet
> (anyone interested in that is eagerly asked to help out), and there
> are features and parts of the software which are infrequently used and
> may be quite buggy.  Indeed, if they stay uncertain, they will
> probably be dropped from the 2.0 release when it happens.  That means
> that if you like those features (such things as quicken imports, for
> example), you are especially wanted as a tester, given the warning
> that they are extremely fragile.
> I do not intend to upload the 1.9 series to unstable ever; I will
> upload 2.0 to unstable once it appears.  At that point, I will not be
> supported the old gnome-1 version of gnucash any longer, and I will
> orphan the gnome-1 libraries that I have been maintaining.
> Thomas
Did you include the SQL bits of gnucach?


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