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gnucash 1.9.1

I have uploaded gnucash 1.9.1 to the experimental archive today.  This
is the long-awaited GNOME-2 version of gnucash.

Users of gnucash who are willing to use this experimental software are
desired.  It is not a good idea for every casual user to use it (or I
would have put it in unstable), but testing will help the process

It should be noted that there is no good documentation for it yet
(anyone interested in that is eagerly asked to help out), and there
are features and parts of the software which are infrequently used and
may be quite buggy.  Indeed, if they stay uncertain, they will
probably be dropped from the 2.0 release when it happens.  That means
that if you like those features (such things as quicken imports, for
example), you are especially wanted as a tester, given the warning
that they are extremely fragile.

I do not intend to upload the 1.9 series to unstable ever; I will
upload 2.0 to unstable once it appears.  At that point, I will not be
supported the old gnome-1 version of gnucash any longer, and I will
orphan the gnome-1 libraries that I have been maintaining.


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