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Re: Problem regarding modules.dep

Am Dienstag, 28. Februar 2006 14:34 schrieb conn itnel:
>   I am a student and according to my academic project requirement.. I need
> to cross compile the kernel on P4 (PC HOST) for i386 (TARGET).  Now the  PC
> Host and  Target contains the same  debian  3.1r1  sarge. I successfully
> crosscompile kernel 2.6.8 on PC Host for Target using i386 toolchain. For
> that i have done the following changes in the Makefile ::

This is not the right list for such questions.
However: you don't need to cross-compile at all (after all, it is the same 
architecture), just select the right processor in the kernel configuration 
and that's it.
Reading the gcc documentation will give you more insight that you don't need 
any cross-compiler, the standard gcc binary will do for you.


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