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Problem regarding modules.dep

Hello Friends,

  I am a student and according to my academic project requirement.. I need to cross compile the kernel on P4 (PC HOST) for i386 (TARGET).  Now the  PC  Host and  Target contains the same  debian  3.1r1  sarge. I successfully crosscompile kernel 2.6.8 on PC Host for Target using i386 toolchain. For that i have done the following changes in the Makefile ::

HOSTCC      = /usr/bin/i386-linux-gcc
HOSTCXX   = /usr/bin/i386-linux-g++

 To cross compile the kernel on PC Host i am using the config file of the kernel on Target which is running successfully. The .config file is attach with the email.

 when I copy the kernel image to /boot. and System.map on Target and also editing menulist in proper manner. And when i try to boot into the new kernel.. I got following error.. which is  common when i google.

" modprboe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.8/modules.dep: No such file or directory"

Waiting for your response..

Thank You in Advance..

Have A Nice time and good day ahead...

Ankur Patel.

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