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Re: Bug#353277: ndiswrapper in main

  [Hamish Moffatt]
> > flashplugin-nonfree itself contains scripts which I presume meet
> > the DFSG. Do you think we should put it in main?

[Stephen Gran]
> I assume this is a troll

Your refusal to answer his question is itself an answer.

> > > ndiswrapper is a piece of free software.  It does not need non-free tools
> > > to build, and it will execute as a standalone app without any drivers.
> > 
> > (And do what? Display a usage screen? Anything more?)
> This has already been answered.  Please feel free to read the archives.

Hamish, to save you the trouble of reading the archives, I'll tell you
the answer.  It doesn't display a usage screen.  It "provides an API"
for drivers to use.

Of course, since it's just an API for drivers, it does nothing if you
don't have a driver.  Well, it uses some of your kernel memory, and it
might print a status line to the kernel log.  But "It does nothing" is
obviously not an answer Stephen wanted to give.  Much better to imply
that a more satisfying answer might exist somewhere else in the thread.
(It doesn't.)

You know what would be great, though?  It would be great if some user
who uses ndiswrapper without non-free software, or indeed without any
drivers at all, would speak up.  Then we could stop arguing about
whether he exists.  'Cause, frankly, I don't think he does.

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