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Old DebConf sites - searching more content


as recently mentioned on planet and some debconf lists I made sites for
past DebConf events available again. They are now all organized on the
debconf.org main server, so its easy to find them.

Use debconfX.debconf.org to access them, starting with zero and at the
time of this writing going up to six. Ie debconf6.debconf.org is the
site for the upcoming debconf, debconf3 is the one for the Oslo event in

But I still have some parts missing: There is no debconf2 site yet - i
dont have content for it, and some of the other older ones like
debconf0, debconf1 at least, maybe also 3 and 4, are missing some
content. If you have anything, starting with slides, talks, pur
websites, whatever - mail me.

I intend to have all content from all debconfs available at
debconf.org, so it would be great if we fill the holes that are there. :)

bye Joerg
<vorlon> I wouldn't call it a registry, though.  How about "link farm"? :)
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