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I took a look at your site yesterday...I do not know if you got my
original e-mail as my modem went down.

and I want to tell you that I'd really love to trade links with you. I think
your site has some really good stuff related to my site and would be a great 
resource for my visitors.

In fact, I went ahead and added your site to my Resource Directory at 
http://www.bouncy-castle4u.com under http://www.bouncy-castle4u.com/bouncycastle

Is that OK with you?

Can I ask a favor? Will you give me a link back on your site? I'd really
appreciate you returning the favor.

I have created a list of all the sites i've visited but if you have recieved this
email in error then please let me know and i will remove you from my list and apologies
for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thanks and feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to chat more about

Best wishes,


Here are some simple steps to
help you find your link:

1. Note the 'title' metta tag or your web site (also
displays in the system tray window)
2. Go to << OUR URL >>> and click the closest
corresponding link on the left hand side.
3. Once you've clicked through, if you cannot
immediately see your link on that page, try the
4. In Internet Explorer, go 'View' and 'Source'
5. CTRL + F to search for your URL on that page.

Once you've established your link is there, I would
really appreciate it if you could return the favor
and link to my site.

Thanks again,


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