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Re: debian zeroconf group?

On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 18:08 +0100, Simon Richter wrote:
> One thing I desperately wish for is for a big flip switch to turn it 
> off, even if I have KDE or GNOME installed, both on a packaging system 
> level (for example, by having a package "disable-zeroconf" that helps me 
> avoid installation) as well as on a enable/disable level, where I could 
> tell my laptop to not talk to the weirdos hanging out in the airport lounge.

If you don't want it at all you can remove avahi-daemon, you will still
need the libs but they are not large.  If you want a runtime toggle
there might already be a DBus method call you can make, otherwise I'm
sure it won't be hard (or else just /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon stop).

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