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Re: debian zeroconf group?


On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 10:38:24AM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> [Ccing maintainers of mdns stuff, please followup to debian-devel]
> With avahi in unstable we seem to have a fairly capable set of
> zeroconf/mdns tools in Debian now, albeit with some holes. There are for
> example some things like mod_dnssd that are not packaged yet and some
> interesting patches that aren't applied to some apps. And adding mdns
> to /etc/nsswitch.conf is still being worked out.
> I would like to investigate the possibility of adding a task to tasksel
> that fully sets up a system to prticipate in a zeroconf network. That
> would mean, you pick this task and you can resolve mdns names; if you
> installed a desktop, the desktop supports mdns; if you installed a web
> server or ssh server those services are published via mdns etc. There
> is still some integration work to do before that's possible, but it's my
> goal.
> I think a team to work on this stuff would be useful. Right now there
> seems to be no coordinated effort to put everything together and fill in
> the holes, just various people working on their own peices. While that
> scattershot approach has worked ok so far, getting everyone together
> integrating stuff could improve things a lot.
> If people agree let me know and I can do the standard alioth dance.

I agree with the principle. I think zeroconf is a great thing for

I think the basic service that should be enabled :
- printing with cups (apple has a patch for this),
- instant messenger with gaim (there is a bonjour plugin for GAIM, but
  it doesn't seem to work great),
- sharing data (maybe with gnome-vfs...)

I really would like to see :
- ssmtp with automatic realy to a real smtp (the smtp publish itself
  with zeroconf/mdns)
- sane with hal+bonjour (ie when a scanner is plugged, there is a net
  backend which is published)
- proxy configuration...

Unfortunately i don't have enough time to give some help for this. But i
really think it should be a great idea to have it in debian.

Kind regard
Sylvain Le Gall

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