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Bug#354417: general: "You have new mail" but how to read?

Package: general
Severity: wishlist

Often new users encounter
You have new mail in /home/nordsburg/Maildir/
$ mail
mail: /home/nordsburg/Maildir/: Is a directory

One sees it often. At least the reminder mechanism, knowing where the
mail is hidden on the system, could also give a hint in its message of
at least one basic way of reading ones mail. Otherwise one can just cd
... ls ... cd ... ls ... cat.

Anyway, apparently it is so easy for system administrators to turn
their system into a Maildir system, leaving users in the lurch.

Bash's MAILPATH's custom messages in /etc/profile perhaps is a candidate,
but is it applicable to directories? And then it must get pasted into

$ apropos Maildir
maildir: nothing appropriate.
$ apropos mail|wc -l
$ apt-cache search maildir|wc -l
Then I suppose he would use dlocate -l to see which of those were
installed.  Anyway, by now our grandma's initial joy at "You've got
mail!" will surely be her last.

Anyway, it's too easy for a Debian system to end up this way.

Perhaps make dependency/alternatives between Maildir enabled clients
and servers?

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