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Re: [Pkg-xen-devel] Re: Packaing Xen 3.0 etc for Debian

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 04:22:23PM +0100, Guido Trotter wrote:

> > The debian kernel team will maintain xen images with the linux-2.6
> > source. I currently prepare both xen 3.0 and unstable packages, which
> > can be hopefully uploaded today. Maintainer will be the kernel team, as
> > there are heavy dependencies between xen and the kernel.

> This is great! In the meantime we are working on uploading xen 3.0 to unstable,
> and our packages I think are almost ready too! We planned to contact the kernel
> team after the upload to see how to coordinate, but it's nice to know that the
> kernel part is being taken care of! :)

> Our packages don't contain any kernel (we wouldn't have uploaded them without
> asking the kernel team, of course) but we plan on shipping just the xen patch
> for a kernel.org kernel, just in case someone preffers running a non-debian
> kernel: is that OK, or should we remove that from our sources?

FWIW, the policy on kernel patches for sarge was that if it didn't apply to
the kernel sources we shipped, it didn't need to be included as a package in
stable.  We're obviously not shipping a 2.6.12 kernel for etch, so I
wouldn't bother uploading that part...

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