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Re: On binary compatibility

Michael Gilbert wrote:
> I've read a lot about the binary incompatibility concern between
> Debian and Ubuntu.

It is a design decision of ubuntu to ensure source code compatibility
only. Binary compatibility to debian/stable is not a release goal.

> I think that Ubuntu's motivation to provide the latest software is
> reasonable; however, I think that Debian may be able to help to
> support that goal while making it possible to maintain binary
> compatibility.

If you want to ensure binary compatibilty across distributions, I think
a reasonable approach would be to work on lsb conformity on both

> The solution would be to convince Ubuntu to branch from stable instead
> of sid.  It also means making backports.org an official Debian archive.

This would be great, but, if backports.org get official, how do you cope
with security updates withouth increasing the load of the security team

> The only way that this would work is if there are Debian folks willing
> to spend the time to work on backports of their packages. 

Many developers rather spend time developing debian/unstable. Developing
on stable releases is not that much fun.

> And there would need to be coordination with Ubuntu to determine which
> packages require backporting, and which can be kept as is.

Please note that debian and Ubuntu have completely different release
cycles, different release goals and different workflows.

Short: This wont work.

> Well, anyway, these are my thoughts. 

While I understand your motivation, your proposal is not feasible. If
you want to ensure binary compatibility, better work on lsb support.


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